1st Class Individuals Life Skills and Basketball Camp was formed in January 2009 with the goal of providing vital life skills for boys and girls grades 4th-12th using basketball as a vehicle to reach out to as many as possible. 

Our mission is to first introduce valuable life skills and at the same time give basketball instruction.  We strive to provide boys and girls with key life skills to assist them into becoming 1st Class Individuals and instructing them in fundamental basketball skills. We believe in making every effort to give each boy and girl the key tools we believe will ensure they are successful off the court while at the same time providing a firm foundation in the many individual skills required to become a strong basketball player. 

We believe that by putting these vital life skills in front of these young boys and girls at such a young age that we are preparing them for a more successful future. We teach drug and alcohol awareness, importance of education, college preparation information, banking (checking and savings) information, dress and table etiquette, and resume writing and interviewing skills.

 1st Class Individuals is an organization that makes every effort to better prepare today’s youth for a world that is a lot different from the one which we grew up in.  There are too many young people putting all of their eggs in one basket: athletics.  We attempt to show these young boys and girls that there is life after sports and the more prepared they are for it the better chance they have at a flourishing future. 

We want every boy and girl who leaves our camp to not only feel more confident in their basketball skills, but more importantly feel more confident in their future as 1st Class Individuals.



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